Life is a great book. I like to believe I’m taking the photos.

As a child, I would eagerly comb through little 35mm slides from my father’s travels. There were portraits of him in motorcycle goggles, traversing the Alps. Shots of richly-hued tulips scattered across symmetrical fields. His was a story of adventure, perseverance, and passion. My story began with his old cameras and my darkroom—admiring the way alkaline revealed a second in time.

I often ask myself, “If a moment isn’t captured, did it ever happen?” This question helps me discover the shots that others may miss. The mind is alive when it remembers. I find the emotional images that will transport you back to the second the shutter closed.

Later in life, I began a career as an advertising art director. This taught me how to direct compelling visual stories, listen, and to stay calm under pressure.

Great photographs transcend time. They capture the emotions and the environment in which they happened. My passion for travel, natural beauty and wit is present in my work. The ever-so-subtle glance across a table. A mossy forest floor covered with white lace.

Yours is a story that begs to be heard. Wherever you may be, let me bring this chapter of your book to life. It’s the one with all the beautiful photographs.